Constitution, Rules and Regulations

1 The society shall be known as the Newcastle Gentleman’s Society, hereafter referred to as the NGS or the Society.

2 The NGS is established to promote the enhancement of life and enjoyment of social engagement of its members, and to form bonds of fellowship between like-minded gentlemen. App A

3 The constitution of the Society stipulates membership is open only to male members and that words imparting the masculine gender shall not refer to the feminine unless expressly stated.

4 Membership is open to any male person who resides in, regularly visits or has close connections with Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Northumberland, County Durham or Cumbria. In exceptional circumstances, honorary or out of town membership may be granted to prospective members out with these geographical areas at the discretion of the Society. App B

5 The Society has been inaugurated by founder members of which there are five and this number cannot be increased - these five will have the status of founder member conferred upon them for life. All other members shall be deemed ordinary members unless at the discretion of the society. The NGS shall be steered by an executive committee consisting of president, vice president, treasurer and secretary who shall be elected from the membership. These posts are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

6 Membership of the Society is by proposal only and each proposal and seconding should be by a current member of the society. Admittance to the NGS is at the discretion of an admissions committee.

7 Each member shall have equal voting rights in the Society.

8 It is proposed that from time to time the NGS acquire assets for the use and enjoyment of its members. Fixed assets may be shared by any member of the Society in any proportion, but if excessive use is noted by one or more member deemed contrary to the spirit of the NGS, then disciplinary action may be taken. Movable or consumable assets may be used pro-rata to the amount of investment in the society of any particular member. The Society’s treasurer shall endeavour to keep adequate records of all such transactions. In the event of disposal of tangible and fixed assets, the proceeds shall be distributed to the members in proportion to their investment.

9 The Society shall have a mascot. This mascot shall accompany the members of the Society at all major NGS events and is to be treated with the utmost respect. Any violation of this rule by any member will result in disciplinary action and likely expulsion from the Society.

10 Disciplinary action will be taken against any member contravening or violating the Society’s rules. In the event of disciplinary action being necessary, a committee shall be formed comprising at least one member of the executive committee and two other members although these are not necessarily mutually exclusive. App C

11 Activities of the NGS and its constituent members shall be broken down into several levels of Codes of Honour depending on the amount of information and detail that can be disseminated. These codes range from 3, lowest level, through to 1+, highest level of confidence. Any misuse of codes in any respect will render the member susceptible to disciplinary action. App D

12 The Society shall regularly meet as part of its constitution. A planned members meeting shall take place quarterly at a pre-arranged venue that may change from time to time. To constitute a quarterly meeting there must be at least three office bearers\ founder members\ associate founders amongst the persons present. An AGM shall be held at a suitable venue for the purposes of such a meeting. An extraordinary general meeting can be called by any member at any time. Minutes need not be recorded of such meetings unless specifically requested. An annual report and treasurer’s report shall be produced. It is the secretary’s duty to minute any meetings as faithfully as possible and to distribute said minutes in a form acceptable to other members: telephonic, electronic digital interface, photographic or script. Hard copy of all minutes shall be kept and be the responsibility of the current secretary.

13 At least once a year a Society meeting (quarterly or AGM) must take place at a venue distant from Newcastle. All members are actively encouraged to participate.

14 Each member must:

(i) Uphold the honour of the Society
(ii) Conduct themselves in a manner becoming to a member of the Society
(iii) Endeavour to participate in organised events and meetings
(iv) Not to withhold information that may be of benefit to and enhance the NGS or any constituent member
(v) In as much as possible aid financially, emotionally and practically any other member who requires assistance of the aforementioned kind

Appendix A

The consumption of alcoholic beverages and the activity of general carousing are integral to the Society’s aims.

Appendix B

Membership will not be denied on grounds of race, religion, beliefs, sexuality, age, marital status or any other petty bigotry although prospective members are reminded of the naturally heterosexual nature of the Society’s activities.

Appendix C

Offences subject to disciplinary action include non-exhaustively:

The divulgence of Code 1 and Code 1+ events unless under extreme extenuating circumstances.
The violation of fellow members either physically, emotionally or verbally to their detriment and involving curtailment of their activities.
Non attendance at activities, events or meetings deemed to be compulsory

Note that those misdemeanours that constitute an offence subject to discipline by the Society are not necessarily those that constitute an offence by Her Majesty’s Government or the relevant governments of other foreign sovereignties or republics and vice versa. It should also be noted that the moral code of ethics may be dissimilar to those held by the popular majority in any given country.

Appendix D

Codes of honour are as follows

Code 1+ The highest level of discretion. Information or activities given this code shall not in any circumstances be divulged to any person within or without the NGS who was not party to the incident directly, without the express permission of the persons concerned.
Code 1 High level discretion. This level of information is not to be divulged to any persons outwith the society. Even within the NGS discretion must be maintained.
Code 2 A medium level of discretion. The reports of activities given this code shall be freely disseminated amongst members and the associates of members who are outwith the society but who are of similar standing within another community.
Code 3 Low security code. Code 3 information can be freely reported to any interested individual.