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01.02.12 - NGS Announces 2012/3 ski season with a trip to Whistler

The stress of worrying about the snow conditions in the run-up to Christmas is getting too much for us, so this year we're making the pre-Christmas ski trip snow-sure by going to Canada. Details available on our dedicated ski page.

31.01.12 - Burns' Supper a great success

The Society would like to thank all those that attended the Burns' Night Supper at the Assembly rooms for making it a fantastic event. Once again this attracted over 100 guests, and the popularity hasn't waned after thirteen years of holding these events. Long may it continue and we look forward to seeing you next year.

25.12.11 - Merry Christmas!

What more is there to add?

01.11.11 - The 2012 Ski plans announced

Slightly later than usual, the Gentlemen have today unveiled their plans for the upcoming ski season. As always, these are updated as they unfold on the dedicated ski page.

05.10.11 - House booked for the 2012 Médoc Marathon

Once again the Society has taken the plunge and booked a house for next September's marathon. As some of you may know, there are only seven bedrooms to book your places early. Marathon registration opens Feb 2012.

20.09.11 - Burns' Supper Announced

The date has been released for the next Burns' Supper in January. Tickets for this event will be strictly limited to 100, and can be purchased only from our dedicated Burns page.

03.07.09 - NGS Announces the end of the *BIG* Skite

The Gentlemen have decided to retire the tried-and-trusted *BIG* SKite event after an unmatched run of over sixty successful Skites. The event will be replaced with something fresher and even more entertaining. Stand by for details. All future Skites have been cancelled with immediate effect.

15.05.09 - NGS Announces 2010 Skiing Plans

The Gentlemen have selected Soldeu, Andorra as next year's main venue. Firm dates (bookings already made) are 24-31 Jan 2010 - immediately following Burns' Night. Discussions are also underway for a second trip, possibly to Canada, in early March. The format for the Soldeu trip is a little different from normal - the Society is making no group arrangements, everyone who wants to go just has to meet up in the resort. As usual, details are posted on the ski page.


12.04.09 - NGS announces Twelth Annual Burns' Night Supper

After much pressure from the public; the Society has agreed, once again, to host this important event. Plans are still very much at the early stages, but discussions are underway with a number of local suppliers to procure all the elements needed. "This is a key event in the region's social calendar, and meticulous planning from the early stages is what leads to its success year-on-year", said the NGS Director of Entertainment this morning.


05.01.09 - NGS agrees to sponsor Tynedale Beer Festival

The Gentlemen have agreed to sponsor this important event later in 2009. The motion was agreed at a top-level meeting, and budgets and funding plans are now being prepared.


28.08.08 - NGS leave for France to start the rally

The NGS left Newcastle this morning for France and the start of the Czech Wrecks Rally. Follow their antics on the NGS Rally Blog


07.06.08 - NGS takes delivery of final rally vehicle

The Society has today taken delivery of its second and final sub £100 vehicle for the upcoming Czech Wrecks rally.  Full details of the event, including blogs for the work on the cars, can be found here.


01.06.08 - NGS selects The Childrens Foundation as its rally charity

The Founder Members have decided that they would like the Society to support the Childrens Foundation through fundraising and sponsorship, all as part of its attempt to complete the Czech Wrecks rally.  The vehicles have now been purchased, so let the money start rolling in.  Every penny raised will go to the charity - the NGS is meeting the full cost of competing in the rally..


13.03.08 - NGS plans to go carbon neutral for the Czech Wrecks Rally

With soaring fuel prices, the Gentlemen are wincing a bit at the thought of running a couple of old bangers across Europe.  Ever resourceful, the Society has elected to source a diesel-powered vehicle and convert it to run on waste vegetable oil, both in an attempt to lower the fuel bill and more importantly, to minimise our impact on the environment.  It brings a whole new meaning to stopping at the drive-through, "Two coffees and the oil out of the fryer, please!"


28.01.08 - NGS Announces 2009 Skiing Plans

The Gentlemen have provisionally selected Canada as the destination for next year's skiing, and likely dates are currently all in January.  The Society would like to get a large group together for next year; and rent a large house to accommodate us all.  Final resort is as yet undecided - the Gentlemen need to get this year's winter sports season out of the way first.  As usual, details will be posted on the ski page


18.01.08 - NGS Enters Czech Wrecks Challenge

The Gentlemen have today announced that they have entered the rally spirit, and their team has been accepted for the Czech Wrecks Challenge.  This event will see the Gentlemen cross Europe in an epic 1,500 mile journey - all in the discomfort of a £100 banger (or two).  Expect silly car modifications, plenty of beer and some superb parties along the route.   Those interested in helping/joining should contact the society directly.


25.12.07 - NGS Christmas Message

The Society would like to wish all its members and supporters a  very Merry Christmas.


18.12.07 - NGS Announces Ski trip

Just back from a week's skiing tuition in the Pyrenees, the Gentlemen has settled on the 2nd week in March for this year's group trip.  Full details will be available at secure your place, you'll need to confirm with us and pay @ the January *BIG* Skite.


17.06.07 - NGS Competes in 2007 Swamp Soccer World Championship

It took a lot of planning, but the Gentlemen finally got the team off the ground and into the Team Bus.  A superb weekend was enjoyed by both the Ladies and the Gentlemen as they cut a dash playing in this prestigious tournament.  Top hat, tails, monocles and bow ties might not be the most practical of attire to wear in a swamp, but the sartorial elegance certainly intimidated the first opponents, giving the Society a clear win.  As usual, beers, wine and chit-chat were enjoyed by all, and the NGS is looking forward to planning for a big win in 2008.


02.05.07 - NGS Thwarted in bid to buy Collingwood Arms

After detailed negotiations with Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, the NGS has been unsuccessful in its attempts to buy its favourite pub.  However, we will watch the situation closely and re-launch our take-over bid if suitable conditions prevail.


02.02.07 - NGS Launches TextAlert Service

Sign up to be notified by text message of our next events.


09.07.06 - NGS Congratulates Italy

The NGS would like to congratulate its Italian friends on their World Cup success this evening.  We look forward to seeing you at a BIG Skite soon.


23.06.06 - NGS Plans Ski Holiday

The Gentlemen have decided that it's time to enjoy a longer trip away together, and have resolved to arrange a skiing holiday for members. Details will be available on the events page as usual


14.04.06 - NGS Easter Message.

The Society would like to wish all of its members, friends, supporters and suppliers a very Happy Easter.   Enjoy the long weekend.


20.03.06 - Citizens of Rome thanked by NGS.

The Gentlemen today conveyed their heartfelt thanks to the good people of Rome; for their kindness and generosity on the occasion of the recent visit to watch the rugby.  The Society hopes to arrange another trip soon.


01.03.06 - NGS Launches own brand luggage.

To ensure that the Gentlemen cut a dash when away on tour, the Society has commissioned its own branded luggage for away events.  The Founder Members took delivery of the first batch this week and are extremely pleased with the result.


01.12.05 - NGS announces Review of the Year.

The Society is beginning to organise the Review of the Year 2005. This event will host a showing of photos from some of our most memorable events, as well as handing out much coveted prizes for The Order of the Skite, Best Lady Skiter, Best Gentlemen Skiter and Best Newcomer to the Skite.   Get your nominations and votes to the Executive Committee as soon as possible so that we can include them in our decision making.


04.07.05 - NGS adds Toronto and Eindhoven to the Skite list.

The Gentlemen are pleased to add more major cities to the simultaneous Skite.  On the first Thursday of the month, you can now join the Gentlemen for simultaneous Skites (at local times) in Newcastle, London, Paris, Boston, Eindhoven and Toronto.  Join us wherever you are in the world for beers, cheeky chat and general entertainment.


04.02.05 - NGS launches "Birdie of the Year" initiative.

No, it's not golf!  The Gentlemen, at the Annual Review in December, recognised the amount of effort that the ladies put in to entertain members, and following extensive discussions, we've now formalised a reward initiative.  In a highly subjective secret vote at this year's Annual Review, the Gentlemen will nominate a lucky lady to be Birdie of the Year.   The winner will be invited to join the Gentlemen in Paris, expenses paid, for the Founder Members' Dinner, which this year will be a black-tie dinner cruise along the River Seine on 9th December.


01.01.05 - Happy New Year

The NGS would like to thank everyone for their efforts on behalf of the Society over the past year, and wish everybody well for the coming twelve months.


12.10.04 - The 2005 Burns' Night Supper: book your place

The plan for Burns' Night are now complete, and the Gentlemen urge you to sort out your tickets as soon as possible, since numbers are strictly limited.  The Society has chosen the Assembly Rooms for this event; whilst we hold fond memories of Close House Mansion, we expect the city centre location to prove a big success.


02.09.04 - The 2005 Burns' Night Supper: NGS starts the ball rolling

The NGS is beginning to focus on one of the first important events in the New Year, that of the well-renowned NGS Burns' Night Supper.  Discussions are already underway with a number of first-class venues within the city, and the Gentlemen look forward to inviting tenders in a few months' time, once all the details are finalised.


10.08.04 - NGS ups the fitness levels

Following a hugely successful "Fitness for Prague" campaign, the Gentlemen are delighted to announce its successor - imaginatively titled "Fitness for Montréal".   Given the amount of time that the Gentlemen will be devoting to outdoor sporting activities whilst visiting the city, they feel that it's quite appropriate to focus on achieving peak performance.  More details as they become available.


16.07.04 - NGS takes delight in exam results

Many of our events are popular with Newcastle's pharmacy crowd, and the NGS would today like to extend its congratulations to all the pre-registration pharmacists who passed the Pharmacy Exam.   We're sure that this is just one step in their long and successful medical careers; and we look forward to them celebrating this milestone with us at our future events.


09.07.04 - NGS launches "Know Your Bars" (KYB) programme

Notwithstanding  the coverage in the press of the country's education system, the Gentlemen have been dismayed to learn of the limited knowledge of this city's fine establishments, demonstrated by the younger members.  To the rescue, the Gentlemen propose to hold Evening Drinks in a different, carefully selected, venue each week; with a view to giving members a complete understanding of the range of environments on offer. 


08.07.04 - Get The NGS on your mobile!

Members often suffer from receiving an invitation to an event and not being sure whether or not they're free.   The NGS has come to the rescue, because members and the public alike can now access the NGS Events Calendar from any WAP capable mobile phone.  The service is available world-wide, except in the United States/Canada due to network limitations (which should be resolved before the Montréal trip).  To see the calendar, simply tap into your phone's browser.


02.07.04 - NGS launches upgraded website

The new website has gone live today.  Outwardly, the site appears the same, but the upgrade has provided us with many new facilities to make members' and visitors' visits more enjoyable.  We can now host our extensive gallery of event photographs and movies, and guest logins will soon be available to provide access to some of the member areas.  The Gentlemen now have the benefit of a full webmail system to manage their personal correspondence, and can now develop their travel portal to assist members and guests with transport arrangements to overseas events.


10.06.04 - NGS delivers first "replica" clothing

The official NGS tops have caused quite a stir, and their exclusivity has made them highly desirable.  In response to this, the NGS is launching a range of branded items that can be purchased and worn by non-members.  The Gentlemen have made gifts to the ladies of a few trial items, and will be formalising the range once the feedback has been analysed.  It is expected that the range will prove most popular amongst the Skite group.


31.05.04 - NGS Announces official accreditation scheme

Following demand from both members and the public alike, the NGS has today announced a new scheme to give recognition to those establishments that pass a certain standard.  Successful applicants will be presented with an "NGS Approved" certificate for them to display on their premises as an endorsement of their commitment to quality and service. The scheme is expected to be up and running by the end of June.


15.05.04 - NGS Launches Fitness for Prague 2004

In support of the Government's call for healthier living, the NGS has launched its much-publicised fitness campaign.  NGS members are taking up cycling during the summer months, and the Events Committee is working on a number of events to support this.  Expect the NGS to be patronising out of town venues, the goal being to attain a marked increase in fitness before the Prague visit in early August.  The Committee will be publishing both the events, and details of progress made, on the new website when it goes live.   Naturally, the NGS has used its reputation to secure members an excellent deal on quality bicycles - email for details.


14.05.04 - NGS takes delivery of Official Top

The Gentlemen were delighted to take delivery of the first batch of branded tops in time for their visit to Edinburgh.   After a cursory inspection, the tops were signed for and other members convened for a mid-afternoon beer to celebrate this milestone.  Tops are now available to members in S, M,L, XL and XXL - they are heavyweight navy blue cotton, long sleeved with a white collar.  The NGS logo and motto is woven on the left breast in two colours.   Please contact Member Services to place your order.


12.05.04 - NGS to upgrade website

Due to demand, the NGS has decided to upgrade the website.  The IT Committee is currently working on a new system to give you access to our archives of hundreds of event photos, the ability to subscribe to automatic event notifications and, of course, web-based access to member email accounts.  Extra bandwidth (6GB/mo) has been taken on to meet increasing demand, and the site is expected to go live in early June.


8.05.04 - NGS Awards supply contract for Official Top

After much wrangling between suppliers, the NGS today awarded the supply contract for the new official NGS rugby tops.   Balancing the fine line between quality and price, the NGS was pleased to be able to select a local supplier who offered both a quality shirt as well as quality embroidering.  Details of availability will be released to members shortly.  The Executive Committee is to begin work on designs for the replica tops, which should be available for release in August.


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